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Benefits & Pricing

Our Content Management System gpCMS has a user-friendly administration area with functionalities designed specifically with busy business owners in mind. There’s no need to know web programming languages or markup languages to maintain your own website because gpCMS gives you the ability to instantly and easily update your website text, images and SEO tags. This eliminates unexpected fees, time and stress of waiting for your 'web man' to update your website.

We will develop you a CMS structure to work within, using our in-house software which is made simple to use that even your dog could use it! OK, not really, but you get the idea!

Use gpCMS & receive ALL of these benefits:

  • a website designed to reflect YOUR brand - no templates here!
  • a mobile responsive website - offering optimal viewing & interaction across a range of mobile devices
  • up to 5x 400mb email accounts - you WILL have more staff one day!
  • domain and annual hosting - no annoying additional costs to budget for through the year
  • drag and drop technology - making it even easier to use!
  • create & add categories and pages as you can fit - we do not limit you!
  • add your own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - help the visibility of your webpage in search engine results
  • add documents and hyperlinks to your website - using a very easy document and link library
  • easily add other admin users as your company grows - and it will!

If that wasn’t enough of an incentive you'll ALSO receive:

  • telephone and email support - during office hours because we do have a life (occasionally!)
  • cost price printing - a real benefit for businesses (We charge separately for any design work)
All of the above for ONLY a £350 setup cost, and an affordable £45 a month subscription!