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Enjoy Unlimited bandwidth when using gpCMS, never will you be charged by the number of visitors! Update your mobile responsive website (tested against the latest internet browsers and mobile devices) using an easy peasy administration system. Your gpCMS admins will have access to:
A dashboard that enables you to...
  • manage your homepage
  • manage your articles (pages)
  • manage your categories
  • manage your users
  • manage your social media links
  • manage your gpCMS system
Manage your homepage:
  • add sections
  • insert new images to the homepage carousel
  • add text overlay to homepage carousel images
  • link to a specific page from the homepage carousel
Manage your articles (pages):
  • create articles - adding them to a category of your choice
  • amend articles
  • delete articles
  • re order articles
  • upload multiple images at once
  • create descriptive text for images
  • reorder images
  • link to your Youtube to insert video
  • link an article to other related articles on your website
  • add related documents using a document library
  • add related links using a link library
  • save articles as 'Live' or 'Draft'
  • show a 'teaser' from the homepage
  • allow viewer comments on articles you select
  • display additional links in the footer, header or both
  • add your own article SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - HTML Title, Description & Keywords)
Manage your categories:
  • create multiple categories
  • amend categories
  • delete categories
  • re order categories
  • add your own category SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - HTML Title, Description & Keywords)
Manage your website users:
  • add new users
  • delete users
  • reset user details
  • give user levels
Manage your website social media settings
  • add links to multiple social media accounts which adds their logo to your website. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Google | Pinterest | YouTube
Manage your gpCMS system:
  • add and amend system defaults which automatically update on your website. Admin email address | Company telephone | Company details | Show EU Cookie Directive | Provide Cookie Notice Text
  • change your own user password
  • link library
  • document library